The Story Behind UberCalendar

The story behind UberCalendar

Thank you for taking the time to read up on the story behind UberCalendar.

So while working from Cape Town offices for an ICT multinational headquartered in Germany, I would start my day at 7am every day, prioritising and planning out my tasks for the day, then laying open my first tasks for the day just before 8am when I would make my breakfast. I prefered to carry my breakfast with me from home and have it from the office.

As I worked from the first floor, our building happened to have a better coffee machine on the ground floor, and for the sake of exercise, I would prefer to use the stairs to go down to get coffee and make breakfast at 8am or there about. Coincidentally, my manager would report for work at around the same time as I would be making my breakfast. It was a partially cloudy day, with a little bit of sun, after making my coffee from ground floor, I was heading back up the stairs, and on my left was a large window with the view of the buildings front parking and drop off area, when I noticed my manager being dropped off. I wondered why he got out of the car from the back seat, I was curious. I then noticed in the following days that he was actually using Uber to come to work, and sometimes to leave work, at almost the same times of the day. Due to a sight issue, he could not drive himself, but he was very well organised about his work and life, one of the few most organised people I have had the honour of meeting in life.

The thought of how I can be of help to a person whose sight (one of the 5 important human senses) inhibits what they can do, and in trying to make it easier for them to remain organised in the their lives, so that they can get to places that eventually put food on their table, thoughts like, "surely, there must be an easier way" started running through my mind. I then asked myself the question; What if my manager could automate his Uber requests, since he has a sight issue, then maybe even being on the phone trying to read when requesting for an Uber ride everytime might be a problem. And the UberCalendar idea was born in the Fall of 2017.

I wanted to create this app for my manager alone to use, but I realised that he might not be the only one out there who would benefit from such an app, that is why I decided to put together a team of expert software developers, we contacted Uber and they approved us to integrate with their backend system. We developed the app and released it so that the whole world could benefit from it. Now your reasons for using it might be different, but am just glad knowing that it can be of help to someone out there trying to remain organised with their regular travel to get to work, school or any places that matter the most, in their day to day lives.

I hope this app will be of help to you or your family and friends. Maybe it might not be for your, but you know of a friend, relative or colleague that it might help, I believe you would have done a notable thing if you shared the message behind it with them. I also just want to mention that my team and I now also use the app to get to work.

As you can see from the testimonials at the bottom of our homepage, we are glad to see how so many people are already taking travel management back into their control, using UberCalendar, giving them a chance to focus their energy on more deserving matters of life in pursuit of happiness.

As a wiseman once said to me, that "to be happy, is a life well lived".