For your repeating commutes

For your repeating commutes

You rely on Uber to drive you or your family to work (or school) and back home, sometimes daily, using your pre-saved Uber places.

Automate call an Uber

Automate "call an Uber"

You want your Uber ride to be called to pick you up at specified times without having to open your phone app.

With secured schedules

With secured schedules

Only you can access your secure, personal UberCalendar travel schedule and you may modify your schedule when it suits you.

where to

On-time pick up.

UberCalendar will assist you streamline your daily work (or school) travel by scheduling it for you, giving you peace of mind knowing that an Uber ride will show up at your doorstep at your scheduled times without you having to access your phone app.

Your scheduling personal assistant.

You might use Uber at similar times on a daily basis. UberCalendar will take care of this repetitive task of requesting an Uber. Set up your schedule and we request an Uber ride on your behalf at your preferred scheduled times. You can cancel the schedule at any time, no strings attached.

Trusted, safe and reliable.

Time is money. Our purpose is to help you free up your time for the important things you treasure in life. We take care of your centralised travel schedule and we will securely send your requests for your Uber ride, using security standards as prescribed by Uber themselves.

What people are saying about UberCalendar.

"As a working mom, I no longer panic over leaving my office, because UberCalendar will call an Uber ride on my behalf that goes and picks up our helper from home to go and collect the kids at school. What a relief!"

Jessie Sampson, IT professional

"I was feeling kind of tired everyday having to open my Uber phone app and do the same things every day of calling for an Uber ride just to get to work at 7am, but now UberCalendar is my personal assistant, I have pre-saved all my recurring ride schedules, and it calls the rides for me every day."

Paul Jacobs, Banker

"Juggling between making a quick meal for breakfast and having to get onto the phone to call for my ride every week day to get to school in the morning wasn't just working for me, but thanks to UberCalendar, I can now have a proper first meal of the day while my Uber ride has been called for me."

Rory Hewitt, Student